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Donor survey

Knowing your donors better will increase donations. Fairly common knowledge, so far so good. But how to do this … how to reduce costs and maximise returns – this is where Fundgiver’s experience with major, medium and smaller customers will count. We have achieved excellent results in terms of knowledge gained, response and refinancing with several projects for various customers.

Include a Fundgiver survey in your planning to fully exploit the opportunities offered by this tool. There will be no need for expensive testing, since we can offer the answers to critical questions:

  • What is the optimal timing, taking into account your other mailings?
  • What ROI can you expect?
  • What response can you realistically expect?
  • How different will the response be from active and inactive donors?
  • Are donor surveys useful towards achieving loyalty?
  • How many questions would make sense? How many open and closed questions should there be? How many pages work best?
  • How will the questions be captured, evaluated and interpreted?
  • What should be included in a mailing?
  • Would small give-aways or prizes improve the response?
  • Would an online survey make sense as an alternative for your organisation?
  • What should a follow up take into account?
  • What conclusions can you draw from the results?
  • And how can you put these into practice at work?

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Our services in the field of the donor surveys:

Phase 1: Planning

  • Conceptual consulting
  • Survey development
  • Complete mailing design

Phase 2: Realisation

  • Design and production of all mailing components
  • Execution of mailing

Phase 3: Evaluation, response capturing

  • Evaluation of returned questionnaires
  • Preparation and presentation of the results
  • Advice on incorporation of the results into fundraising strategies

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Donor panels

Online surveys of specific donors (for studies across donors) with a view to optimising your fundraising, PR and market research, will be a useful tool should you plan to survey your donors regularly.  Online panels render this fast and convenient. We will assist you in setting up, operating and evaluating your panels.